[lttng-dev] lttng-consumerd crash on aarch64 due to x86 arch specific optimization

Beckius, Mikael mikael.beckius at windriver.com
Mon Jan 30 01:50:05 EST 2023

Hello Matthieu!

I have looked at this in place of Anders and as far as I can tell this is not an arm64 issue but an arm issue. And even on arm __ARM_FEATURE_UNALIGNED is 1 so it seems the problem only occurs if size equals 8.

In addition I did some performance testing of lttng_inline_memcpy by extracting it and adding it to a simple test program. It appears that the general performance increases on arm, arm64, arm on arm64 hardware and x86-64. But it also appears that on arm if you end up in memcpy the old code where you call memcpy directly is actually slightly faster.

Skipping the memcpy fallback on arm for unaligned copies of sizes 2 and 4 further improves the performance and setting LTTNG_UST_ARCH_HAS_EFFICIENT_UNALIGNED_ACCESS 1 yields the best performance on arm64.


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