[lttng-dev] Statically linking LTTng to an application built with MUSL toolchain

Yitschak, Yehuda yehuday at amazon.com
Thu Jan 19 06:48:59 EST 2023


Appreciate your comments on this



I've built the urcu, lttng-ust and lttng-tools with the musl toolchain, and upon statically linking the application with the lttng-ust

archive (just as documented here: https://lttng.org/docs/v2.13/#doc-building-tracepoint-providers-and-user-application),

the trace-point constructors attempting to dlopen() of liblttng-ust-tracepoint.so.1  fail as the debug logs show:

lttng-ust-tracepoint [1581544]: dlopen() failed to find 'liblttng-ust-tracepoint.so.1', tracepoints in this binary won't be registered. (at addr=0x400490 in lttng_ust_tracepoints_print_disabled_message() at /usr/aarch64-unknown-linux-musl/sys-root//include/lttng/tracepoint.h:426)

although that shared object does exist in the system, and dlerror() returned Dynamic loading not supported

(Note: When linking dynamically, the dlopen() succeeds but other platform-dependent issues arise).

I need to link statically rather than dynamically, do statically linked programs using musl libc support dlopen()?

if there's no such support, is there any way around?

Would appreciate any input,

Best Regards,


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