[lttng-dev] LTTng UST structure support

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Mon Jan 16 04:38:28 EST 2023

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your reply :)
I'll stick to bt2 modules in the meantime then
I'll already be saving a ton of time with those and the CTF spec which is great !

Best regards,


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On 2023-01-09 09:02, chafraysse--- via lttng-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a CTF writer to serialize instrumentations in an 
> embedded Linux/Rust framework
> LTTng UST looked like a very strong option, but I want to serialize 
> structures as CTF compound type structures and I did not see those 
> supported in the doc or api

This is correct. I am currently working on a new project called 
"libside" (see https://git.efficios.com/?p=libside.git;a=summary) which 
features support for compound types.

However, we still need to do the heavy-lifting implementation work of 
integrating this with LTTng-UST. This is the plan towards supporting 
compound types in LTTng-UST.

> I'd love to have confirmation that I did not just miss something :)
> If LTTng UST is out for me I will probably try to use the ctf-writer 
> module of babeltrace 2 instead

For now the ctf-writer modules of bt2 would be an alternative to 
consider, but remember that it is not designed for low-impact tracing 
such as lttng-ust. So it depends on how much tracer overhead/runtime 
impact you can afford in your use-case.



> Best regards,
> Charles
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