[lttng-dev] Adding kernel events

Francis Deslauriers francis.deslauriers at efficios.com
Fri May 12 14:30:20 UTC 2017

Hi Eric,

You have to define the LTTng probe in lttng-modules to hook on your custom
kernel tracepoint.
Have a look this commit where a new probe was added:


2017-05-12 10:03 GMT-04:00 Eric Nelson <eric at nelint.com>:

> Hi all,
> Please pardon the N00b question, but I'm having trouble figuring out
> how to get lttng to process a new kernel event.
> I've added code to my kernel to track scheduler throttling on an RT Linux
> kernel, and can see my new events in /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/avai
> lable_events.
> Using "lttng list -k" doesn't show them though.
> Do I also need to add the event definitions to lttng-tools?
> Thanks in advance for any pointers.
> Eric Nelson
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