[lttng-dev] [documentation] Drawing: LTTng architecture in relation to the commandline / buffer options

Thibault, Daniel Daniel.Thibault at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Mon May 26 12:37:45 EDT 2014

Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 11:27:35 +0200
From: Randy Wijnants <randy at tty32.org>

> I've drawn the LTTng architecture in relation to the commandline / buffer options.
> It would be nice if it would be used on the lttng website (if you find it usefull ofcourse).
> I'm using this for a presentation at our company to explain more in-depth lttng configuration details.
> Originally posted on IRC. As suggested by Compudj i've released it under CC license.
> Let me know what you think of it or if you have suggestions / improvements
> I can also provide SVG image, or push it to the repo?
> http://tty32.org/Logging%20configuration2.png
> Randy Wijnants.
   SVG, please.  I may end up integrating it into the DocBook documentation.

   The dashed arrows running from userspace to liblttng-ust and the kernel to LTTng kernel module(s) don't make sense.  The remaining dashed arrows (all running from the session daemon) all represent control flow, which is not what happens between userspace/kernel and liblttng-ust/LTTng-kernel-modules.  You should use a different convention, such as dotted arrows.

   The enable-channel arrow should be accompanied by an enable-event arrow (same functionality, different resolution).

   You could also add a box for the lttng client, which talks to (controls) the session daemon.

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