[lttng-dev] [linuxtools-dev] View for virtual machine monitoring

Mohamad Gebai mohamad.gebai at polymtl.ca
Tue Jul 9 16:31:15 EDT 2013

> Hi Mohamad,
> Quite impressive!

Hi Alex,
Thank you!

> Small detail: I don't know if you use the exact same colors as the
> Control Flow View, but the color you use for "vCPU preempted" seems
> similar to the one used for the Interrupted (IRQ) state. You should make
> sure they can be differentiated if shown side-by-side. In any case, it's
> easy to tweak ;)
Actually I started from the Resource View. I agree that the colors are similar,
I hadn't noticed because I don't handle interrupts events for now. Thank you
for the comment!

> There is still some designing/reviewing to do on the required concepts,
> like experiment types and state systems for experiments. But this is a
> very good example of what it will be possible to do once those features
> are integrated (hopefully in the coming months!)

I agree!

> Cheers,

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