[lttng-dev] Is there a way to make LTTng use the same subbuffers for multiple processes?

Michel Dagenais michel.dagenais at polymtl.ca
Sun Apr 28 21:32:29 EDT 2013

> Our system is a 12-core x86 (6-core + HT). If I take 4 subbuffers of 1MB, this means 4MB per 
> process. As the number of processes rises, this becomes prohibitive. 
> For example, we may need to support > 500 sub-processes ==> 500 * 4MB = 2GB - 
> which is a bit too much. Is there a way to tell LTTng to share the sub-buffers with forked processes? 

This is the number one feature listed in the changelog for lttng-tools and UST for version 2.2. The first release candidate is out so you can try the feature, and the final 2.2 version should not be too far away. 

- Add UST per UID buffers support 

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