[ltt-dev] building ust for android/arm

Karim Yaghmour karim.yaghmour at opersys.com
Wed Apr 20 17:12:38 EDT 2011

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Mathieu Desnoyers
> * Xing Fan (xing.fan0302 at googlemail.com) wrote:
> > I still think there is something wrong in my Android.mk file. If we
> > Makefile.am, it indicates to build a shared library called libust
based on
> > libust-initializer (I have treated this in my Android.mk). However, it
> > Makefile does more than this. it builds/uses libust-initializer.o, I
do not
> > know how to put this in Android.mk file.
> >
> > Anyone has any hint?
> Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Android build infrastructure. Maybe
> Karim might have some info here ? (see problem description below)

I don't have enough information. Has libust been placed in aosp/external/.
That's where it would usually go. Usually the best thing is to check how
other packages in external/ are made to build part of the AOSP and do the

As for the libust-initializer.c getting picked up, it looks like it's the
EXTRA_DIST flag from Makefile.am creeping in. Again, I would need more

Karim Yaghmour
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