[ltt-dev] LTT Userspace problems

Pierre-Marc Fournier pierre-marc.fournier at polymtl.ca
Thu Jan 28 12:35:58 EST 2010

Naren wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, it worked after the creation of "socks" directory under "tmp".
> 1. I presume that tmp/socks will be automatically created by UST unlike
> the manual creation done by me to make it   work. 
> 2. Every time, the system restarts, the user created folders are deleted
> hence the need to create the socks directory after every restart.
> Can you clarify on the above mentioned points and whether it is by
> purpose that tmp/socks directory needs to be created manually or is
> there something wrong with the UST installation.

This was a problem in version 0.1. Just pushed commit dce0b474515 which
automatically creates the app socket directory.

Thanks for the feedback.


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