[ltt-dev] LTT userspace RPM repositories available

Mathieu Desnoyers compudj at krystal.dyndns.org
Wed Jul 1 09:53:58 EDT 2009

* Gregory Haskins (gregory.haskins at gmail.com) wrote:
> Hi Matthieu, all,
>   I was able to resolve the build error I was getting in some of the
> distros.  You can find an array of distros available as yum/rpm
> repositories here:

Do you need us to pull a patch to the tarball spec files ?

> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home://ghaskins://lttng/
> The build service supports both RPM and DEB based distros, but I haven't
> had the time to figure out how to make the DEB versions work.  So its
> currently limited to primarily Suse and Redhat.  But if there is
> interest, I can try to get the others working as well.  Patches to add
> support for other distros is of course, always welcome.

Yep, this would be great indeed.

> I plan on tracking each update that is made, so feel free to advertise
> this URL on the LTTng site, if you like.  People can either install the
> rpm as a one-off, or they can add the repository to their system and
> they should get notified by their package manager when a new version
> becomes available.

Ideally, if you would have a webpage with a few instructions we can
point people at, it would be perfect. This would ensure instructions
would keep in sync with the rpm repo.

> Regards,
> -Greg
> PS: If you can shoot me a mail whenever a new lttv/ltt-control is
> released, I will be sure to update the packages shortly thereafter.

Monitoring ltt-dev is probably the best way to follow the new versions,
and on my side I'll try to email ltt-dev for every new version.



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