[ltt-dev] Using LTTng on DA8xx Target

saumya agarwal cmks2002 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 23:24:48 EST 2008

Thanks Marc, this info should get me started.

My host linux machine has a different kernel version (2.6.9), so do I
need LTTV compatible with host or target?
In DA8xx kernel sources, I see a folder named LTT which has some
source files like ltt-control.c, ltt-core.c etc, so does that mean
that LTT control tools are already available in the kernel?


On 11/12/08, Pierre-Marc Fournier <pierre-marc.fournier at polymtl.ca> wrote:
> Hello Saumya,
> saumya agarwal wrote:
> > I am using a DA8xx Primus EVM and I want to use LTTng to trace the
> > system. The  kernel supports LTTng.
> > This is the first time I'll am working on it.
> >
> > I downloaded TraceToolkit-0.9.5 and untared it.
> > The patched I am getting are:
> > patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-rthal5f-020415-1.14
> > patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-s390-020422-1.14
> > patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-vanilla-020415-1.14
> > patch-ltt-linux-2.5.7-vanilla-020415-1.14
> > patch-ltt-rtai-24.1.8-020317-1.14
> >
> Hmm, I don't know where you got this patch, but it is several years old.
> Please see the site http://ltt.polymtl.ca
> Have a look at the Compatibility list ("LTTng+LTTV versions
> compatibility" link) to see what you need for a 2.6.18 kernel. You
> probably need LTTng 0.6.41, ltt-control 0.30 and LTTV (the viewer)
> 0.8.72. You will also find the quickstart guide there which will help
> get you started.
> Note that since 2.6.18 is an old kernel. A lot of things changed since
> that time and the quickstart guide that is on the site now will not be
> in sync with this old version. I would recommend fetching the old guide
> from the svn repository.
> > But the linux kernel version for DA8xx is 2.6.18.
> > So can I use any of these patches?
> No, you need a much newer version of LTTng that was designed for 2.6.18.
> >
> > One more doubt I had was, that we use this tool from host or on
> > target? Do I need a linux host machine, apply patches to its kernel,
> > and reboot it and then start using it OR I need to apply patches to my
> > DA8xx kernel and then start tracing on target itself?
> You install the patches on the target kernel. You also need the
> ltt-control tools on the target to control the tracing. You need to have
> enough disk space on the target to record the trace. Work on streaming
> is under way. Once you have the trace, you transfer it to the host and
> inspect it with LTTV.
> >
> > I am kind of confused about its usage.
> > Could any one help me out with the exact procedure for using LTTng and
> > patches version (website) from where I can get required packages?
> Look at ltt.polymtl.ca and the quickstart guide.
> pmf

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