[ltt-dev] Using LTTng on DA8xx Target

Pierre-Marc Fournier pierre-marc.fournier at polymtl.ca
Tue Nov 11 23:02:21 EST 2008

Hello Saumya,

saumya agarwal wrote:
> I am using a DA8xx Primus EVM and I want to use LTTng to trace the
> system. The  kernel supports LTTng.
> This is the first time I'll am working on it.
> I downloaded TraceToolkit-0.9.5 and untared it.
> The patched I am getting are:
> patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-rthal5f-020415-1.14
> patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-s390-020422-1.14
> patch-ltt-linux-2.4.16-vanilla-020415-1.14
> patch-ltt-linux-2.5.7-vanilla-020415-1.14
> patch-ltt-rtai-24.1.8-020317-1.14

Hmm, I don't know where you got this patch, but it is several years old.
Please see the site http://ltt.polymtl.ca
Have a look at the Compatibility list ("LTTng+LTTV versions
compatibility" link) to see what you need for a 2.6.18 kernel. You
probably need LTTng 0.6.41, ltt-control 0.30 and LTTV (the viewer)
0.8.72. You will also find the quickstart guide there which will help
get you started.

Note that since 2.6.18 is an old kernel. A lot of things changed since
that time and the quickstart guide that is on the site now will not be
in sync with this old version. I would recommend fetching the old guide
from the svn repository.

> But the linux kernel version for DA8xx is 2.6.18.
> So can I use any of these patches?

No, you need a much newer version of LTTng that was designed for 2.6.18.

> One more doubt I had was, that we use this tool from host or on
> target? Do I need a linux host machine, apply patches to its kernel,
> and reboot it and then start using it OR I need to apply patches to my
> DA8xx kernel and then start tracing on target itself?

You install the patches on the target kernel. You also need the
ltt-control tools on the target to control the tracing. You need to have
enough disk space on the target to record the trace. Work on streaming
is under way. Once you have the trace, you transfer it to the host and
inspect it with LTTV.

> I am kind of confused about its usage.
> Could any one help me out with the exact procedure for using LTTng and
> patches version (website) from where I can get required packages?

Look at ltt.polymtl.ca and the quickstart guide.


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