[lttng-dev] Can't receive a lot of functions that i registerd as trace-points

Kienan Stewart kstewart at efficios.com
Fri Oct 27 13:18:35 EDT 2023

Hi Lin,

On 2023-10-25 04:54, Lin ArcX wrote:
>     Are you seeing a situation where another tool is recording occurrences
>     of the events that you think aren't being seen during your tracing
>     session?
> No, nothing, I'm running my client/server application inside wsl and no 
> other tools are running.

Perhaps your test program isn't causing the WSL kernel to hit the 
`net_if_rx_ni_entry`, `net_napi_gro_receive_entry`, and 
`net_if_receive_skb_list_entry tracepoints` during your tracing session?

I recommend using `perf` to double-check that there are indeed none of 
those tracepoints being hit during a tracing session.


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