[lttng-dev] Debugging Libaries in Babeltrace 2

Seidl, Aron aron.seidl at zeiss.com
Tue Oct 24 11:52:24 EDT 2023

Hello guys,
I'm currently a student at the company Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen Germany. I'd like to trace the Kernel from our CMM-Controller with CTF and convert it to plain text, like Babeltrace 2 does. To understand how Babeltrace 2 works with CTF, I debug the code.

However when I try to step into a function which is included via the extern Babeltrace 2 library (e.g. bt_graph_run(ctx.graph) in graph.c), the GNU Compiler steps over the function and I'm unable to look into this function.

I figured, it is because the Debugger cannot find the Debug Symbols even though I compile everything with Debug-Symbols and no compiler optimization.
I configure the Makefile as follows:


For test purposes, I implemented the function bt_graph_run(NULL) inside a new project to check, if I could step into the function with my debugger, or whether it is a general problem with my machine.
That actually worked and I was able to step into the function, but not with the normal Babeltrace 2 project.
None of my colleagues could explain this behavior, so my question now is, how do you guys debug the code? Is there a different way you debug these functions, or do I configure my project the wrong way?

I appreciate it if someone can help me and tell me how to configure the project so that the code is debugable.


Aron Seidl
DH-Student IT Education

Carl Zeiss AG
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