[lttng-dev] [lttng-tools] Removal of root_regression tests

Marcel Hamer marcel.hamer at windriver.com
Mon Jun 13 07:49:39 EDT 2022


Since version v2.12.9 of lttng-tools the root_regression file has been emptied
to make the tests part of the 'make check' sequence instead. 

We were always actively using that test file as part of our regression testing. 
In our case we are working in a cross-compilation environment, where the run.sh
script was used on target for testing and as such not at compile time. It is not
easy to run a make check sequence on a target.

It is now also a bit unclear which tests actually require root access and which
tests do not. I understood this was the reason the file was called

Some questions that get raised because of this:

- Is there now an alternative way to run regressions on target in case of a
  cross-compilation environment? 
- Would there be a possibility to fill the 'root_regression' file again and
  possibly revert this change?
- How are tests now identified that require root access?

This has been as part of commit 9e2d9d2bae015e6748ebf8575ea602ee0fe65c62 in

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


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