[lttng-dev] How to trace a memory leak in my application using LTTng

bhanu kiran chaluvadi nthdimensionalreality at gmail.com
Wed May 5 06:36:06 EDT 2021


I have a memory leak some where in my c++ application.  Since it was
written in c++98 there are lot of pointer passed back and forth and there
is no clear ownership of the pointers. I was  wondering if it's possible to
check for memory leak and give a value sections to probe for the leak using
LTTng ?  Since i am new, Can you also point me to some sample example to
track memory leak, in case if they are available or can you provide some
instructions to use LTTng in order to trace the leak.

Thank you,
Bhanu Kiran . Chaluvadi ,
Mechanical Engineering ,
National Institute of Technology,Warangal,
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