[lttng-dev] Disabling sys_membarrier in lttng urcu

Norbert Lange nolange79 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 18:13:39 EDT 2021


Some old topic, see
(I actually thought this was solved meanwhile).

With lttng 2.13 liburcu is replicated in lttng-ust so my old custom
hack aint helping.

Aside from another crude hack, I thought about doing this:

extern int lttng_ust_urcu_has_sys_membarrier;
int setup() {
  lttng_ust_urcu_has_sys_membarrier = 0;

this is obvious possible in my own program, but I don't know if some
lttng daemon would need to update RCU structures in shared memory that
should sync to other processes (and wont do that with sys_membarrier
in case of Xenomai threads)?

Seems safer to me to hack it out once more...


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