[lttng-dev] Need help in converting trace data into CTF

Ravindra Kumar Meena rmeena840 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 12:04:55 EDT 2019

> > I used "barectf config.yaml -m ctf" command. It helpled me generating the
> > metadata file. I looked at some other metadata file but they are binary
> > packetized. The one I generated using barectf is not binary packetized.
> >
> > Are these file different?
> Yes, they are. As you said one is packetized and the other simply text.
> > Will both work the same way?
> It will work the same as long as you use a reader that does not care.
> AFAIK, Babeltrace is one of those readers.
Okay. This was helpful.

I will be storing the event stream in a file and I will pass metadata file
to babeltrace in order to read the CTF.

 I want to make babeltrace read my metadata file and event stream stored in
a file. How does babeltrace read an arbitrary CTF session(CTF+event stream)?

What should be the file format to store the event stream? I will use
fwrite() to store the events.


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