[lttng-dev] Front-end for LTTng

Nesrine Zouari nesrine.zouari at enis.tn
Fri Mar 16 11:46:33 EDT 2018


I am computer engineering student and I am actually working on my
graduation project which is about Qemu Trace.

In this project, Qemu is considered as a user-space instrumented
application. I have used LTTng-Tools to control Qemu trace.

Now, I aim to develop an application which is a front-end to LTTng. This
application should be able to control the Qemu Trace (start, stop ..) and
to visualize the traces.

My question is the following: Could my application communicate with LTTng
through TCP protocol ?? If yes, could you give me some hints ??
I know that LTTng can control trace in a streaming mode using the TCP
protocol, but this is not my use case.

Best regards,


Nesrine ZOUARI
Computer Engineering Student
Department of Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS)
University of Sfax-Tunisia
Tel: +216 52 620 475

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