[lttng-dev] LD_PRELOAD applications using lttng-ust-pthread

Jonathan Rajotte-Julien jonathan.rajotte-julien at efficios.com
Tue Jan 9 15:43:51 UTC 2018


On Mon, Jan 08, 2018 at 10:35:39PM -0500, Majid Rezazadeh wrote:
> Hi all
> I am using lttng-ust-libc-wrapper for instrumenting some calls to libc for
> some applications like Firefox and Chrome, but I receive "Segmentation
> fault (core dumped)". I compile lttng-ust-pthread.c (gcc -fPIC -shared  -o
> test.so lttng-ust-pthread.c -ldl) and then I use "LD_PRELOAD=test.so
> firefox" but I receive segmentation fault (I have exported LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> to the absolute path of test.so file). I found out that when I replace

Could you give us more information regarding the coredump?

"thread apply all bt" in gdb with the corefile loaded.

Make sure to compile with debug symbol and rerun your test.

> tracepoints with printf in lttng_ust_pthread.c, I receive no error. It
> seems that hooking tracepoints in this wrapper makes some problems. Do you
> have any idea in this regard?
> Thanks
> Majid

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