[lttng-dev] C APIs tracing control

kirankumarp at uurmi.com kirankumarp at uurmi.com
Mon May 29 06:32:35 UTC 2017

we are developing an application and want to have LTTng control within it. We would like to know the C APIs for it.
we require following APIs following command line commands-
lttng create 
lttng list 
lttng enable-event 
lttng start
lttng stop
lttng destroy
We could find some documentation at but not sure if we are right. Also it will be great help, if you can provide an makefile for this (to link the libraries and Paths to be included).
We tried "lttng_create_handle", "lttng_create_session" API (as mentioned in the documentation) but its not getting compiled.
Please help on this regard.
Thanks in advance.
Kiran Kumar
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