[lttng-dev] LTTng and Red Hat / CentOS RealTime Kernels

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> Mathieu,

> Thanks for the quick response to this question.

> Can you please let me know what “Cl” is.

CI stands for "Continuous Integration", see https://ci.lttng.org 



> Thanks.

> -Shane Swartz

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>> Is it possible to load the LTTng tools with a Red Hat or CentOS version 7 Real
>> Time kernel? If yes, can it be done using the EfficiOS LTTng packages or only
>> by building the packages from source code?

>> Thanks.
> Hi Shane,

> The LTTng kernel tracer works with a range of Preempt-RT kernel versions.

> It is tested in CI on the Preempt-RT kernel branches currently maintained

> by preempt-rt developers. However, it does not currently cover the

> 3.8.13-rt27.34 kernel listed on the RHEL page, and the EfficiOS

> packages for RHEL do not currently target their Preempt-RT kernel.

> Thanks,

> Mathieu

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