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Thanks for the quick response to this question.

Can you please let me know what “Cl” is.


-Shane Swartz

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Is it possible to load the LTTng tools with a Red Hat or CentOS version 7 Real Time kernel?  If yes, can it be done using the EfficiOS LTTng packages or only by building the packages from source code?

Hi Shane,

The LTTng kernel tracer works with a range of Preempt-RT kernel versions.
It is tested in CI on the Preempt-RT kernel branches currently maintained
by preempt-rt developers. However, it does not currently cover the
3.8.13-rt27.34 kernel listed on the RHEL page, and the EfficiOS
packages for RHEL do not currently target their Preempt-RT kernel.



Mathieu Desnoyers
EfficiOS Inc.

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