[lttng-dev] lttng-modules on Debian Wheezy BeagleBone Black rev. C

Thibault, Daniel Daniel.Thibault at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wed Oct 8 17:09:09 EDT 2014

> arch/include/asm has a time.h but no timex.h.


   arch/arm/include/asm/mach has a time.h but no timex.h.

   Googling around, it seems the missing timex.h can either be ignored (by creating an empty file in the expected spot), or recovered from the full kernel source tree, at arch/arm/mach-<processor>/include/mach.  My problem is identifying the correct one, if any.  Uname -i and uname -p both return 'unknown' for the BeagleBone Black (while running Debian Wheezy, anyway).

   These files seem to serve mostly to #define the CLOCK_TICK_RATE, with values such as 512000, 1000000 and 38000000, 40000000.  Some mach-<processor> directories do not have an include sub-directory.  Other mach-<processor> cases comment the CLOCK_TICK_RATE value as 'bogus'.  I'll try to resolve this tomorrow.

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