[lttng-dev] lttng-modules addons stable (sort of)

Francis Giraldeau francis.giraldeau at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 12:24:58 EST 2014

After the LinuxCon event, some people were interested to install the addons
for LTTng to perform active path analysis and virtual machine experiments.
I did a clean rebase on master (with a linear log), and kept only stable
features for this purpose.

* Record part of TCPv4 header using netfilter hook
  * inet_sock_local_in
  * inet_sock_local_out

* Wake-up signal between task (tracepoint before the wakeup IPI)
  * sched_ttwu

* KVM virtual machine synchronization
  * vmsync_gh_guest
  * vmsync_gh_host
  * vmsync_hg_guest
  * vmsync_hg_host

Features *removed* from the addons stable branch:
  * lttng_statedump_inet_sock: list of opened sockets at trace start
  * inet_sock_clone, inet_sock_create, inet_sock_delete: these were too
hackish (required to overload the IPv4 socket family and a couple of
  * syscall_entry (single event, with syscall id as the only field)
  * per-context callstack for user/kernel: unstable, requires more love
(along with mmap_exec_file event)

I would like to thanks the following contributors:
  * Mathieu Desnoyers: valuable advices and reviews
  * Mohamad Gebai: vmsync instrumentation
  * Geneviève Bastien: testing, fixes and improvements
  * François Doray: porting instrumentation to newer macros

Further development will occur in addons-staging, to keep the addons branch
stable. If you find any issue with the addons, you can fill an issue on



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