[lttng-dev] Stress tests added to ctf testsuite

Alexandre Montplaisir alexmonthy at voxpopuli.im
Sun Nov 16 15:39:44 EST 2014

Hi Mathieu,

Looks great! Preliminary testing shows that Trace Compass also blows up 
in many different ways, but hey that's expected ;)

If I may suggest, having a script, either shell or Python, to just 
generate/clean the test traces would be very useful.
We don't use the run.sh scripts in CI (we're within JUnit tests, there 
is no executable at that point), we just look at the trace directories 
and try to run everything in there. If there was a simple way to "create 
everything" and then "clean everything" it would make it easier to 
integrate in our (and I guess others') build system.


On 2014-11-16 11:41 AM, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> Hi!
> If you look at
> https://github.com/efficios/ctf-testsuite
> I just pushed various CTF stress-tests, and did some
> general cleanup in the tree (e.g. renaming tests to
> meaningful names).
> Have fun!
> Thanks,
> Mathieu

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