[lttng-dev] Strange result from LTTng porting to ARM

J Lin jmlin.jmlin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 10:26:41 EST 2014


I've recently ported LTTng to ARM and I can't seem to understand what is
going wrong with my results. I ran a typical session with "lttng
enable-event -k -a" for test. Here are the observations:

1. only "lttng_xxx (e.g, lttng_statedump_interrupts)" are recorded
2. different sessions yield trace on different CPU (the system has 4)
but not for all 4, just 1 cpu
3. no recorded session span more than 1 second
though I would run sleep (i.e., 10s) between "start" and "stop"

This leads me to believe LTTng might be dependent on something in the
system that isn't present. This is a customized kernel of a client. It has
all required configs.

If there is a trigger mechanism after running "lttng start", what would it
be? It seems it grabs items initially then doesn't continue. I read in one
of the papers that LTTng is architecture dependent. Any help is appreciated.

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