[lttng-dev] A kind of farewell :)

Matthew Khouzam matthew.khouzam at ericsson.com
Wed Nov 5 15:55:43 EST 2014

We know you'll kick all forms of posterior wherever you go. I hope your
next challenges are up to your skills. :)

Matthew, bears beets battlestar galactica

On 14-10-23 12:01 PM, David Goulet wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> This email is to announce that I will be leaving EfficiOS Inc. on
> November 1st 2014 thus *not* working full time anymore on the LTTng
> project.
> <dreamy paragraph>
> I've been involved for 5 years in the project of which 4 years
> maintaining the lttng-tools code base so rest assure it's with some
> sadness that I'm leaving. I'll be tackling new challenges that hopefully
> will include a LTTng component :).
> </dreamy paragraph>
> For now, I will still act as the maintainer but a transition has
> started. Jérémie Galarneau (jgalar) will be co-maintainer until he feels
> confident to take on the responsabilities alone :). Now the only one
> question remains, is Jérémie up to the challenge?! :P
> In all seriousness, it's a blast to work on LTTng and rest assure, I
> will still be around the LTTng community for a long time!
> Thanks to everyone that I had the chance to work and collaborate with,
> it has been an immense pleasure for me. I will certainly miss your well
> (NOT) formatted patches and one liner bug reports! :P
> Remember, LTTng all comes down to this debug output that I added 4 years
> ago (and that segfault also on me... :):
> 	DEBUG1 - [27854/27854]: *** assert failed :-) *** ==> Matthew, BEET
> 	driven development works!
> Cheers!
> David
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