[lttng-dev] Progress on base address outstanding issues

Woegerer, Paul Paul_Woegerer at mentor.com
Thu May 22 03:25:42 EDT 2014

Hi Mathieu,

We use this feature in the new Codebench 2014.05 release (for
cyg-profile symbol resolution and ust-tracepoint source line lookup).
We will do what we can to make it stable and turn it into a fully
supported feature.

I'm currently busy finding out why LTTng 2.4 userspace tracing with
Yocto 1.6 on ARM(qemuarm) is not working properly.
( ust-tracepoints emitted from shared objects are never set into active
state and thus not recorded :-[ ).

Once I'm done with that I will look into the deadlock issue.


On 05/20/2014 09:32 PM, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently revisiting the open issues before the
> 2.5 release cycle, and we are wondering if there has been
> any progress on bug http://bugs.lttng.org/issues/745 ?
> This feature is currently "experimental", but buggy
> (triggers deadlocks). Until we have a fix for this, it will
> stay experimental, and if there is no further progress on
> this front, we will mark it for removal for the 2.6 release
> cycle (around August 2014).
> Thank you,
> Mathieu

Paul Woegerer, SW Development Engineer
Sourcery Analyzer <http://go.mentor.com/sourceryanalyzer>
Mentor Graphics, Embedded Software Division

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