[lttng-dev] LTTng not generating trace contents

Shariyar syed.shariyar at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 18:49:51 EDT 2014


I am having a problem in generating a kernel trace using the latest LTTng
on Ubuntu 12.04. It was working fine previously but when I updated LTTng it
stopped generating the trace contents. I did an uninstall and reinstall but
it didn't work either.

In particular, I am able to create a session, list all kernel events, start
a trace and stop a trace. My user is also in the tracing group. However,
there are no contents in the trace files generated for every CPU in the
system. Initially, the Babeltrace and the TMF both gave errors and when I
explored the trace folder I found out that they are empty files.The
metadata and index files do show some contents; however, nothing exists in
the channelx_x files.

What would be wrong? Please let me know.

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