[lttng-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng-Tools 2.4.0-rc4

David Goulet dgoulet at efficios.com
Wed Jan 29 13:01:25 EST 2014

Greetings everyone (including LTTng elves),

The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond) that
acts as a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing
control, a lttng-ctl library for tracing control and a lttng-relayd for
network streaming.

Here is the change log for the release candidate 4.

This version adds the missing support for JUL loglevel in lttng-tools
which needs to be used with lttng-ust 2.4.0-rc3 and later. Furthermore,
complete health check tests are introduced as well.

2014-01-29 lttng-tools 2.4.0-rc4
    * Fix: add -b, --background option
    * health check tests: test relayd and consumerd
    * tests: Add stop_lttng_relayd_nocheck
    * Fix: add missing JUL loglevel handling
    * relayd: add testpoints
    * relayd: use same pipe for live and main
    * Cleanup relayd live comment
    * Fix: relayd: add LPOLLERR to events
    * Fix: relayd: notify parent of readiness when all threads ready
    * Fix: tests: start relayd in background mode (-b)
    * lttng-relayd: implement background cmd line option
    * sessiond: add missing testpoints
    * tests: use --background for session daemon
    * sessiond: add --background argument
    * Use lib common daemonize
    * Fix: sessiond: wait for health check readiness
    * Fix: relayd: initialize lttcomm inet
    * Consumer: add testpoints
    * Fix: consumerd: HT init/teardown with program
    * Cleanup: lttng-ctl-health comment
    * Add daemonize() to libcommon
    * Fix: tests: wait for consumerd to complete
    * Fix: consumerd: use DBG rather than DBG2
    * Fix: consumerd: only return readiness when health is ready
    * Fix: consumerd should initialize lttcomm
    * Fix health check: signal parent before exit testpoint
    * Test health: add test_thread_ok
    * health check: change --relayd-path arg to --relayd-path=arg
    * relayd: add LTTNG_RELAYD_HEALTH env var
    * Add sessiond/SESSIOND_ prefix to sessiond testpoints
    * Fix: zero out data structure before using it
    * Fix: delete metadata stream before destroying it
    * Fix: report to client when snapshot will be empty

Please report ANY issues to bugs.lttng.org or through that mailing list.

Using it is testing it!

Project website: http://lttng.org/lttng2.0
Download link:
http://lttng.org/files/lttng-tools/lttng-tools-2.4.0-rc4.tar.bz2 (for
the PGP signature, same file with .asc appended)

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