[lttng-dev] [RELEASE] LTTng-Tools 2.6.0-rc4

Jérémie Galarneau jeremie.galarneau at efficios.com
Fri Dec 12 14:50:53 EST 2014

Hi all,

The lttng-tools project provides a session daemon (lttng-sessiond) that
acts as a tracing registry, the "lttng" command line for tracing
control, an lttng-ctl library for tracing control and an lttng-relay daemon
to provide network streaming and live reading capabilities.

This is version 2.6.0 RC4 which includes 65 new fixes.

Of particular note are fixes pertaining to erroneous RCU usage which could
cause lockups or corruption under heavy loads and a data loss fix which
was discussed on this mailing list [1].

Note that this is expected to be the last release candidate before final.

2014-12-12 lttng-tools 2.6.0-rc4 (International Day Of Heavy Metal)
* Fix: don't destroy the sockets if the snapshot was successful
* Fix: Missing RCU read locks in syscall_list_channel()
* Fix: Missing RCU read lock in kernel_destroy_session()
* Fix: channel names are not validated
* Fix: Apply consumer URI changes to all domains
* Test fix: Don't invoke the system's lttng client
* Tests: Add a test to check disabled events are loaded in the correct state
* Fix: Don't leave events enabled if they were saved in a disabled state
* Fix: "Any" loglevel's value is -1 and not 0
* Test fix: LTTNG_SESSION_CONFIG_XSD_PATH expects an absolute path
* Fix: Memory leak on error in alloc_argv_from_user_opts()
* Fix: Unreachable error logging in set_option()
* Fix: OOM leaks in sessiond modprobe.c
* Fix: test_utils_expand_path.c: out of memory error handling
* Fix: test test_ust_data.c: check OOM
* Fix: test libc-wrapper: check malloc OOM
* Fix: lttng-ctl: use zmalloc(), missing OOM check
* Fix: filter-parser.y: use zmalloc(), missing OOM check
* Fix: utils.c: check str*dup OOM
* Fix: rculfhash: use zmalloc()
* Fix: ini.c: use zmalloc()
* Fix: lttng lttng.c: check strdup OOM
* Fix: lttng conf.c: use zmalloc()
* Fix: lttng view.c missing strdup OOM check
* Fix: use zmalloc() in lttng view.c
* Fix: use zmalloc() in lttng list.c
* Fix: oom error check, realloc oom leak
* Fix: use zmalloc in lttng enable_events.c
* Fix: missing strdup oom check in lttng create.c
* Fix: lttng add_context.c: use zmalloc
* Fix: add missing str*dup oom check in sessiond main.c
* Fix: add missing sessiond kernel-consumer missing str*dup oom checks
* Fix: add missing strdup OOM check
* Fix: Live tracing does not honor live timer after first tracefile
with tracefile rotation
* Fix: Handle empty daemon configuration file lines
* Docs: Add -f/--config option to lttng-sessiond man page
* Fix: relayd: unbalanced RCU read-side lock/unlock
* Fix: relayd: unbalanced RCU read lock/unlock
* Fix: lttng-relayd: unhandled out of memory error
* Fix: relayd viewer stream: unhandled out of memory error
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in cmd_list_events()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in list_lttng_agent_events()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in cmd_list_channels()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_locks in cmd_list_domains()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in cmd_snapshot_list_outputs()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in save_domains()
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in ust_app_get_nb_stream()
* Fix: UST subbuffers silently dropped on moderate trace traffic
* Fix: Missing rcu_read_lock in get_session_max_subbuf_size()
* Fix: create/destroy a splice_pipe per stream
* Fix: return EINVAL if agent registration fails
* Note find_ust_app_context must be called with RCU read lock
* Fix: check userspace perf counter name when looking up contexts
* Fix: empty indexes_ht before destroying it.
* Fix: removed useless key from relay_index
* Fix: Ambiguous agent event filter bytecode ownership
* Fix: filter bytecode and string memory leak on error
* Fix: HT must not be destroyed with a rcu_read_lock held
* Fix: agent events HT should be destroyed from the cleanup thread
* Fix: missing rcu_read_lock in trace_ust_destroy_session()
* Fix: missing rcu_read_lock when calling trace_ust_find_agent()
* Fix: missing rcu_read_lock in cmd_start_trace()
* Fix: filter attach vs event enable race
* Fix: Mark libxml2 as a mandatory dependency
* Fix: Warn the user when enabling an event in a new domain
* Fix: Don't report an error when listing a session with no channels
* Fix: Add missing URCU_TLS access to error_log_time
* Update maintainer section of the man pages
* Update maintainer section of README.md

As always, please report any issue you may encounter to bugs.lttng.org
or on this mailing list.

Project website: https://lttng.org

Download links:
GPG sig: https://lttng.org/files/lttng-tools/lttng-tools-2.6.0-rc4.tar.bz2.asc


[1] http://lists.lttng.org/pipermail/lttng-dev/2014-November/023832.html

Jérémie Galarneau
EfficiOS Inc.

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