[lttng-dev] instrumenting shared library

Anand Neeli anand.neeli at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 07:25:38 EDT 2014


I have a library which is instrumented and tracepoints are added. And i
have 2 binary's(or daemons) which try to include this library.(one binary
has instrumented code with tracepoints and other binary doesn't use
I found that i need to instrument the daemon which includes the
instrumented library for the code to compile.

Cant i have a daemon(without tracing functionality) which can include a
instrumented library (i don't want to use tracing functionality in this
I'm only able to build if both library and daemon which includes it are

Can anyone please give me more details on how to do this?
this is useful for huge code bases where you can selectively add tracing
support to few librarys or daemons.

Hope i have written clearly, please ask me more if you are not able to
follow my query.

Anand Neeli
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