[lttng-dev] Exclusion event support patches

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>> The exclusions are embedded into the event name so that internally, 
>> the event name will be
>> 'a*ac*,ad*'

>   This takes advantage of the current wildcard restriction: the asterisk can only appear once in the name, at the end of the string -an asterisk is thus a string terminator.  This means that the exclusions in the name actually don't need a comma either!  The internal event name for 'a*' --exclude 'ac*,ad*' could thus be:


>> This new scheme of the event name string is parsed and handled wherever necessary. This implementation poses new restrictions to event names:
>> 1) An event name must not contain the character '*'.
>> 2) An event name can contain a ',' character, but you cannot use it in the exclusion specification.

>   If we used this format, this restriction on comma use would be dropped.

The excluded events may be single events, and not necessarily end in wildcards.
lttng enable-event 'a*' --exclude 'a1,a2,a3'

Here we need some sort of separator.

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