[lttng-dev] LTTng project development activities November 2013

Christian Babeux christian.babeux at efficios.com
Wed Nov 6 17:19:45 EST 2013

Hi lttng-aficionados,

My apologies for the missing October summary, the previous months have
been pretty intense!

tl;dr : A lot of talks at LinuxCon/CloudOpen/Tracing Summit/ELCE on
LTTng; On track for mid-november 2.4 release candidate with live
streaming, Java JUL and health check in relayd/consumerd;

September 2013 summary:

- Minor releases:

lttng-modules 2.3.2, 2.3.1 and 2.2.2:

A timekeeping regression was introduced in the Linux kernel version
3.10.13 to 3.11.2 which could lead to hard system lockup when enabling
the tracing of some subsystems, including but not limited to
workqueues. The fix for this issue was merged in kernel 3.10.14 and

- Patches for the live streaming support have been merged in lttng-tools.

October 2013 summary:

- Patches for Java Util Logging (JUL) support have been merged in lttng-tools.

- Patches for CTF writer have been merged in Babeltrace. This new API
allow programmatic creation of CTF traces.

- Health check overhaul patches have been merged in lttng-tools. It is
now possible to query to health status of the consumer daemon and the
relay daemon.

Conferences activities:

* Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2013:

- Jérémie Galarneau and Christian Babeux went to the GSoC Mentor
Summit to represent the LTTng project.

* LinuxCon Europe 2013:

- David Goulet gave a talk entitled "LTTng as a new monitoring tool" [1].

* CloudOpen Europe 2013:

- Julien Desfossez gave a talk entitled "Efficient and Large-scale
Infrastructure Monitoring with Tracing" [2].

* Tracing Summit 2013:

- Alexandre Montplaisir gave a talk entitled "Analyzing all kinds of
traces with TMF" [3]

- Mathieu Desnoyers gave a talk entitled "LTTng: Cloud Monitoring and
Distribution Bug Reporting with Live Streaming and Snapshots" [4]

* Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013:

- Christian Babeux gave a talk entitled "Bridging the gap between
hardware and software tracing" [5]

On-going work:

We are on track for a mid-november 2.4 release candidate including the
live streaming, Java JUL logging support and health check in the



[1] - https://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/slides_2.pdf
[2] - https://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/presentation-cloudopen.pdf
[3] - http://www.tracingsummit.org/w/images/2/2a/TMF_AMG_TracingSummit2013.pdf
[4] - http://www.tracingsummit.org/w/images/b/b3/Lttng-desnoyers-tracing-summit-2013.pdf
[5] - http://www.slideshare.net/ChristianBabeux/slides-27979925

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