[lttng-dev] List to insmod lttng modules

Jonnavithula Sharma sarmajprs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 06:30:53 EDT 2013


I am using lttng-modules 2.2.1 for the kernel 3.8.13 version and i am
successful in compiling it and i see there are lot of ".ko" generated in
probes directory and top level lttng-modules directory.

So now which module needs to insmod first?Can you provide me the list to
which module needs to insmod first .

I tried to insmod some of the .ko i am getting below error.Am i missing
something here?

root at ltqcpe:/ramdisk/tmp# insmod lttng-ring-buffer-client-discard.ko
[94511.780000] lttng_ring_buffer_client_discard: Unknown symbol
lttng_transport_unregister (err 0)
[94511.790000] lttng_ring_buffer_client_discard: Unknown symbol
lttng_transport_register (err 0)
insmod: can't insert 'lttng-ring-buffer-client-discard.ko': unknown symbol
in module, or unknown parameter

Your response is highly aprreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Sarma J
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