[lttng-dev] View for virtual machine monitoring

Mohamad Gebai mohamad.gebai at polymtl.ca
Thu Jul 11 14:08:34 EDT 2013

> > For the sake of our experience, we pinned vCPU0 of VM1 and vCPU0 of VM2 on
> > the same physical CPU, and ran a CPU-intensive workload for one second one
> > each one of them.
> > We generated our traces using the low-overhead LTTng tracer. We can clearly
> > see that during that second, both of the virtual CPUs are fighting over the
> > same physical CPU.
>    You should have said "and ran a CPU-intensive workload for one second on
> both of them simultaneously".  Otherwise you may be misconstrued as meaning
> you ran the workloads consecutively.  (The third sentence dispels this
> incorrect reading, but it's better to get the meaning across unambiguously
> the first time)

I agree! Thank you for the feedback,

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