[lttng-dev] [linuxtools-dev] View for virtual machine monitoring

Mohamad Gebai mohamad.gebai at polymtl.ca
Tue Jul 9 16:43:08 EDT 2013

> How it works for now is that we have to create an Experiment with a
> predefined
> type (VM analysis type), and add to it all of the traces we want to analyse.
> At
> this step, we also have to specify which traces were recorded on the host,
> and
> which ones were recorded on the guests.
> Thanks to Genevieve Bastien's experimental work, we were able to merge all of
> the traces together as one single trace owned by the Experiment. Then the
> events are handled one by one, and depending on if they came from a host, or
> from a guest, the state system is modified accordingly.

I attached a screenshot showing the state system built for this particular

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