[lttng-dev] [RFC-patch 0/5] Add support of more CTF metadata in lttng-modules

Geneviève Bastien gbastien+lttng at versatic.net
Wed Apr 24 16:14:15 EDT 2013

Hi list,

This series of patches add a few new macros to support the following CTF
metadata: variants, structures and named enumerations.

The use case it is applied to is to add packet header data to the net_*
tracepoints, when available, for network protocol IP and IPv6 and transport
protocol TCP.

Best regards,

Geneviève Bastien (5):
  Add support of struct metadata in tracepoints
  Add support of enum metadata in tracepoints
  Add support of variant metadata in tracepoints
  Add some extra data to net_* tracepoints
  Add macros to copy struct metadata field by field

 instrumentation/events/lttng-module/net.h | 244 +++++++++-
 lttng-events.c                            | 279 +++++++++++-
 lttng-events.h                            |  65 +++
 probes/lttng-events-reset.h               |  50 +++
 probes/lttng-events.h                     | 712 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 probes/lttng-type-list.h                  |  12 +-
 probes/lttng-types.h                      |  61 ++-
 7 files changed, 1378 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)


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