[lttng-dev] kprobe timestamp

OSDepend osdepend at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 12:50:16 EDT 2013

Hi guys,
I just try to use kprobe, and get some thing like below:
            java 15893 [015] 96380.588871: timer_cancel: timer=0xffff8804379d6698
            java 15721 [010] 96380.588872: timer_cancel: timer=0xffff8800be3d6698
            java 15893 [015] 96380.588875: timer_expire_entry: timer=0xffff8804379d6698 function=delayed_work_timer_fn now=4391194790
            java 15721 [010] 96380.588876: timer_expire_entry: timer=0xffff8800be3d6698 function=delayed_work_timer_fn now=4391194790
I want to know exactly about the time units of the events, such as 96380.588871, and 96380.588872.
The number befor "." is second or millisecond? and  Is the number after "." nanoseconds or microseconds?
I'm a little confused, please help me out!



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