[lttng-dev] GSOC -2013 Project Discussion

harshit agrawal hrshtagrawal14 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 07:31:37 EDT 2013

*Student- Harshit Agrawal*
*Project Interested-  ANDROID PORT*
*University- Uttar Pradesh Technical University*

Hello sir,*

Hope you are doing well. I am a student of graduation final year in
India(Delhi). During my graduation i have completed many projects based on
technology like* java, Javascript, html and android,struts,c++and python. *I
have also done projects for Microsoft as i am Microsoft student partner in
India. I have developed mobile applications also that are currently
published on google play and blackberry mobile store also.
I have developed applications-
*Droid Camera*-

*Why Open Source*-First I like the Open Source software model and I believe
in it, and I am also interested in security, so mixing open source with
security will be really cool for me and getting paid for open source
development will be a dream, and let me tell you that I have abandoned my
previous work
(which uses android, Windows ... etc) and I have returned to the university
to a have a chance to work in the open source field by doing open source
embedded development and security research.

Sir, I am keen interested in this project as this project suits my
technical skills and it will be a part of honor to me to be a part of such
open source contribution with your organization.

*About the security tool- *

   - *Improve startup time*. We can use AsyncTask so that many services and
   activities can run in background while start up
   - *Reduce runtime size.*We can make data of .class file as more time
   efficient and compact so that while shipping to the devices it will take
   lesser time than previous.
   - *Straight-line performance.* For this we can minimize the resources
   taken by the application. so that it can be environmental friendly for
   maximum android devices.
   - *JIT compilation*.JIT builds upon two earlier ideas in run-time
   environments: bytecode compilation and dynamic compilation. It converts
   code at runtime prior to executing it natively, for example bytecode into
   native machine code. so that we can use jit compliation for faster
   execution of program.
   - *AOT compilation.* AOT in most cases produces machine optimized code,
   just like a 'standard' native compiler. AOT compilation is mostly
   beneficial in cases where the interpreter (which is small) is too slow or
   JIT is too complex or introduces undesirable latencies. so that we can
   use this for better and faster execution.

I am keen interested in this project so please review my application for
further work.

Hoping for a positive reply

Harshit Agrawal
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