[lttng-dev] [Babeltrace PATCH] Add new option --clock-offset-ns

Ikaheimonen, JP jp_ikaheimonen at mentor.com
Mon Apr 15 01:28:28 EDT 2013

Hi Mathieu,

you ponder:
> +			opt_clock_offset_ns = strtoull(str, &endptr, 0);
> +			if (*endptr != '\0' || str == endptr || errno != 0) {
>Why test *endptr != '\0' and str == endptr ?

This check has been copied verbatim from the similar handler for option OPT_CLOCK_ OFFSET.

To me, the check for *endptr != '\0' has some value. stroull(3) will report success if the argument
starts with a valid number, and the test makes sure that the entire argument was used in converting
the number (that is, there are no trailing bad characters).

Likewise, the check str==endptr checks if any conversion occurred at all,
although this should be covered by the error case of EINVAL.
However, the manual only treats this error case as a possibility ('may return'), 
so the check is necessary to make sure of the fact in all library implementations.


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