[lttng-dev] Bugfix: Bug #453

Raphaël Beamonte raphael.beamonte at polymtl.ca
Tue Apr 9 10:43:31 EDT 2013

Hello Simar,

On 2013-04-08 23:41, Simarpreet Singh wrote:
> 1) How do you I submit my changes to the lttng-tools repo? Do I need any
> kind of authorization before I can do so?

To submit your commit patches, you can use the "git send-email"
functionality to send them directly to this list. After that, the
concerned lttng devs will be able to give you their feedback and/after
apply your patches on the main git repos.

> 2) What timezone do you guys work in? I had a few questions to discuss
> regarding GSOC 2013 in details and I guess it's better to talk over IRC.

Most of us are on America Eastern Time Zone.


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