[lttng-dev] lttng command line user-friendliness

Woegerer, Paul Paul_Woegerer at mentor.com
Tue Sep 11 03:22:04 EDT 2012

On 09/10/2012 05:39 PM, Woegerer, Paul wrote:
> On 09/10/2012 05:00 PM, David Goulet wrote:
>> With more options here to set either a custom destination or live
>> trace. What's the default? (no opts given). I would personally go for
>> a default one being to record in the session default trace files and
>> add a "-l" for the live.
>>     -o, --output=DST
>>     -l, --live
>> Add a domain option where nothing enables kernel AND ust or else the
>> command can take either -u or -k.
>> Please, contribute to this, no bad ideas, only bad answers! :)

While sleeping over it two more things came to my mind:

*) The exit status of the <command> that gets trace-executed with "lttng 
trace <command> [<options>]" would need to be forwarded to the exit 
status of the wrapping lttng. This would allow users to use "lttng 
trace" as a drop-in replacement in contexts where the return value of 
the invoked <command> cannot be ignored.

*) There should be something like "-q [<logfile>], --quiet [<logfile>]" 
where the output of the traced <command> does not get mixed with lttng 
info/debug/error output. If the optional <logfile> is given all lttng 
relevant communication should go into the <logfile>.

Example without --quiet:

   Session met-2012-09-11_09-08-30 created.
   Traces will be written in 
   UST channel met_tools enabled for session met-2012-09-11_09-08-30
   UST event met_func:* created in channel met_tools
   UST event met_call:* created in channel met_tools
   Error: Events: Tracing the kernel requires a root lttng-sessiond 
daemon and "tracing" group user membership (channel channel0, session 
   Tracing started for session met-2012-09-11_09-08-30
   MultiThread done...
   delta 131673329
   Tracing stopped for session met-2012-09-11_09-08-30
   Session met-2012-09-11_09-08-30 destroyed

Example with --quiet

   MultiThread done...
   delta 131673329


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