[lttng-dev] lttng command line user-friendliness

Woegerer, Paul Paul_Woegerer at mentor.com
Mon Sep 10 11:39:09 EDT 2012

On 09/10/2012 05:00 PM, David Goulet wrote:
> Issuing a sequence of commands like:
> lttng create lttng enable-event -u -a lttng start
> my_foobar_traced_application 1 2 3 lttng stop lttng destroy
> Small note here that the "destroy" is not needed. The stop forces a
> subbuffer switch meaning that the current data collected is written to
> the trace files.

Agreed, "destroy" is pointless. Also the user would want to have the 
result of "lttng record" visible when it runs "lttng list" afterwards.

> I would however encourage everyone on this list who is willing to
> continue this thread in order to come up with a small RFC for the command.
> RFC/Discussion:
> lttng record [--session-name <name>] [--session-template
> <session_template_file>]  -- <command> [<options>]
> Either "trace" or "record", I guess it's a simple aesthetic choice
> here :).

Using command name "trace" makes more sense. "record" does not go so 
well with "--live" (where nothing gets actually recorded).

So far [--session-template <session_template_file>] leaves open where to 
look for session_template_files if no absolute path is given. It might 
be good to also have a user specific directory (e.g. 
.lttng/session-templates) in addition to a system wide directory (e.g. 


> With more options here to set either a custom destination or live
> trace. What's the default? (no opts given). I would personally go for
> a default one being to record in the session default trace files and
> add a "-l" for the live.
> 	-o, --output=DST
> 	-l, --live
> Add a domain option where nothing enables kernel AND ust or else the
> command can take either -u or -k.
> Please, contribute to this, no bad ideas, only bad answers! :)
> Cheers and thanks Paul for comment!
> David
>> Thanks, Paul
> N+jLVU/JjMuzjpQluD+1Xe3O9yLDu/mEqGAddYBQ5RnkHS7DveFwfY697nESqJPR
> qV0Y3ajbIC30WMrnweZSypsj9xAv33ZzFn4C/DuYIylicqpcX8mxcMgLzI9duoRQ
> /kxOqIeBLvl5C/pFSR55vki3fxhHPg67f2S9TgFDiBEPmaL0UkxpfOaB3G86Bj8z
> Kp7oKCCbQzv0R3J4BlcNRNUXKTClo3Qjb/ZyWGgFwwErZJoADcd+osvIU9raA7MY
> yEEExx5t4OMjEyrb3eqJgihH+xMx6eW1275vz2TV4ayBIg1YuJrIzUY/zgVkYn0=
> =f6QB

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