[lttng-dev] Is the 0.x LTTng installation tutorial still applicable?

Vincent Rubiolo vincent.rubiolo at windriver.com
Fri Mar 9 11:06:22 EST 2012

Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your reply! Please seem my comments below.

On 03/08/2012 05:57 PM, Alexandre Montplaisir wrote:
> On 12-03-07 05:28 AM, Vincent Rubiolo wrote:
>> Hello LTTng stewards,
>> As part of an internal project here at WindRiver I am attempting to
>> follow the LTTng installation tutorial[1] to put the LTTng kernel
>> patches onto a 2.6.35 kernel of ours. The download link[2] however
>> appear to not work anymore.
>> Could somebody confirm the tutorial steps still apply? I have indeed
>> found that I can go past the download issue by getting the patches
>> from [3] instead.
>> Many thanks for your guidance!
>> Vincent
>> [1] http://lttng.org/tutorial/lttnglttv
>> [2] http://lttng.org/content/download
>> [3] http://lttng.org/download-legacy
> Hi Vincent,
> How did you arrive to the URL in [1] ?  I don't think anything links to
> that page anymore.

I think I got it by means of a Google query[1]. You're correct in that 
nothing on the site seems to be able to reach the page (I have tried 
hard to browse to it, without success).

> We're due for a bit of cleanup anyway, there's still
> a bunch of dangling pages like that...

Sure. I found it useful anyway, albeit incomplete; which is why I wrote 
my email.

> For what it's worth, the source install method should still be valid,

I have made some progress since I posted and can confirm the 
instructions worked for a 2.6.35 kernel. I am currently building it.

I have found the compatibility matrix[2] very useful. A nice improvement 
to it would be a floating table header such as [3] (live example at [4], 
very cool).

> but it the same thing is also be explained in the README of the source
> packages themselves, so that page shouldn't be needed.

Hmm. Which source packages are you referring to? I have downloaded 
ltt-control-0.87-09062010 and its README does not mention the kernel 
side. The associated patches (patch- do not come 
with any README files I can see.

As I said, I have picked both from [5].

> The link in [3] should be the only visible one (it's reachable from the
> new Download page now).


> Thanks for the feedback, let us know if you have any other problem.

Sure, I will.


[4] http://cmcqueen1975.bitbucket.org/htmlFloatingTableHeader/tables.html
[5] http://lttng.org/download-legacy

> Cheers,

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