[lttng-dev] Is the 0.x LTTng installation tutorial still applicable?

Vincent Rubiolo vincent.rubiolo at windriver.com
Wed Mar 7 05:28:06 EST 2012

Hello LTTng stewards,

As part of an internal project here at WindRiver I am attempting to 
follow the LTTng installation tutorial[1] to put the LTTng kernel 
patches onto a 2.6.35 kernel of ours. The download link[2] however 
appear to not work anymore.

Could somebody confirm the tutorial steps still apply? I have indeed 
found that I can go past the download issue by getting the patches from 
[3] instead.

Many thanks for your guidance!


[1] http://lttng.org/tutorial/lttnglttv
[2] http://lttng.org/content/download
[3] http://lttng.org/download-legacy

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