[lttng-dev] A problem

岳鹏 yuepeng.xjtu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 22:08:34 EST 2012

hello,I have met a problem when I first used the tool lttng.
The situation as following:
my system is ubuntu 11.10,and the kernel's version is 3.0.0-12,the lttng's
version which I used is lttng2.0.
I have installed this tool successfully,following the guide on
But when I use lttng following
https://bugs.lttng.org/projects/lttng-tools/wiki,I met a issue.
the terminal is:
*yuepeng at cheery-lucifer:~$ lttng create mysession
Session mysession created.
Traces will be written in
yuepeng at cheery-lucifer:~$ lttng enable-event -a -k
Error: Kernel tracer not available
yuepeng at cheery-lucifer:~$ *
and the command "sudo lttng list -k" is ok.
I firstly doubt whether the lib lttng-modules-dkms installed
successfully.Then I reinstall it and the result is ok.
I observed this words,"The session daemon loads the LTTng tracer modules
for you if those modules can be found on your system. If they are not
found, the kernel tracing feature will be unavailable."I think the reason
is whether the LTTng tracer modules isn't found by the session daemon or
not.But I don't know how to do next.
So I send this Email to you for your kind help and guide.
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