[lttng-dev] Version of LTTng for kernel 2.6.25?

Daniel Griscom griscom at suitable.com
Tue Jun 26 10:06:17 EDT 2012

I'd like to use LTTng, but I'm using an old kernel (and can't upgrade):

>$ cat /proc/version
>Linux version (root at atmdev) (gcc version 3.4.6 
>(Gentoo Hardened 3.4.6-r1, ssp-3.4.5-1.0, pie-8.7.9)) #5 PREEMPT Sat 
>Mar 3 16:51:19 EST 2012

I understand that the latest kernel modules require kernel 2.6.38 or 
later. What is the latest version of the kernel tools that I could 
run? Are the user-space tools kernel-independent (and 


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