[lttng-dev] Some questions about Lttng

Zheng.Chang at emc.com Zheng.Chang at emc.com
Mon Jun 18 23:50:04 EDT 2012

Hi folks,


I'm studying how to use Lttng now. I built a kernel which version is
2.6.38 and ran with lttng 2.0.

I got some confused when I started to use it. Here are my questions:


1. I didn't see kernel patches for kernel 3.x. Does it mean kernel 3.x
support it already? 

2. I tried to do something like, dump the arguments of system call, or
dump a backtrace in a specified function. But the output of lttng is
very limited. Is there a way to do that with lttng?

3. I looked into some UST examples and found here are three header
files:  tracepoint.h, tracepoint-event.h and ust-tracepoint-event.h.
They have some duplicated macro definitions like TRACEPOINT_EVENT.

And the examples includes all of these three header files despite no
conflict here. Could someone help to explain the intention?

4. Once I defined a tracepoint in my code, seems some initializations
would register default probe into the hook point.  How to disable the
default probe and  register my self-defined probes?

5. Does lttng-ust support dynamic traceing like kprobe?


I'm a newbie of lttng. Any help will be appreciated.






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